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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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From now on we will be continuing our blog posts on our New Facebook Page! "Like" us at

Saturday, December 4, 2010

50% off Sale*

Tough by Nature Toys are now 50% off!!!

As well as Reflector leashes and collars, Red Sox Apparel and coats!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Be An Angel!

Animal lovers can share their holiday spirit again this year by donating food, toys and treats for homeless dogs and cats through Best Friends Pet Care's 10th Annual Angel Tree campaign. Every Best Friends location is collecting donations to local animal shelters and rescues.

Best Friends launched the program ten years ago, inviting clients to purchase and donate toys and treats for the shelter pets. The program has grown each year, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food, toys and pet care products to more than 75 different shelters and rescue organizations across the U.S.

The holiday season can be a difficult time for our animal shelters because donations of food and funds fall off when regular supporters are preoccupied with the holidays. The poor economy over the past two years has made matters even worse for all non-profits, including shelters. The Angel Tree program helps many shelters get through the holiday season.

The Angel Tree is put up in the lobby of each Best Friends Pet Care center during Thanksgiving week each year. It is decorated with paper ornaments providing information about needy dogs and cats being cared for by local shelters and rescues. Pet lovers are invited to select a card from the tree and donate the listed holiday gifts. The company supplements customer donations with large bags of food and other supplies.

In addition, all of the pets featured on the tree are available for adoption - and many have found homes over the years thanks to the program.

Donations can be made by visiting or calling a Best Friends near you by the end of the year.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Harvest Time

We are thankful for all of our campers helping out with the Harvest! 














Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans of Best Friends Sudbury

Bailey - 11 - One of our first campers ever!
 Meet some of our oldest - and longest loved - clients of BF Sudbury!

Hannah - soon to be 14 - resting during her day of play.

CHECKERS! -11- Just started playgroup
Molly - Recently turned 11, still lookes great!

Greta - almost 11 - still loves playing with her frisbee


Boo - 12 - loves his playgroup

Oakley - soon to be 11

Sabrina -11.5, Oreo - 13 - Sabrina still hoggs the bed

Lazlo - Almost 18 - His visits include playgroup every day!

Sophie - 13 - Still as sweet as the day we met her

Macbeth - 11.5 - Don't let this fool you, he is still every bit  a terrier!

Snickers - 15 - Always very regal and graceful.

Toby - nearly 11 - showing his young friend the ropes of playgoup.

Casey - nearly 13 - was still coming to DDC until recently

Frisky - Almost 18

Annie - 10 - sleeps soundly so she can play hard!

Sophie - 11 - The matriarch of DDC

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


  The Halloween party at BF Sudbury was a blast! We played in the hauted house and went bobbing for apples and carrots. There were more treats than tricks, because everyone went home with a goody bag, which included home made banana pupcakes and chicken-wheat cookies! Mmmmmmmm cookies.
Jiro doesn't seem afraid of our haunted house.

Youk says "mmmmm carrots".

I am Ruckus Franken-Dog! Not a frog.

Barney loves his treats!

He'll even go swiming for them!

Norwood is always ready with a pose.

Alex is a devil for food, but his mother loves him like an angel!

Anna that pumpkin is plastic. Try a carrot instead!
Shevi is known for his style and his smile!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Buddy Dog Makeover!

Jaeger and his brother Fabby are up for adoption across the street at Buddy Dog

They got a complimentary day at the Best Friends Pet Care salon today!

Jaegar Before

Jaegar and Fabby running around and showing off!