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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


  The Halloween party at BF Sudbury was a blast! We played in the hauted house and went bobbing for apples and carrots. There were more treats than tricks, because everyone went home with a goody bag, which included home made banana pupcakes and chicken-wheat cookies! Mmmmmmmm cookies.
Jiro doesn't seem afraid of our haunted house.

Youk says "mmmmm carrots".

I am Ruckus Franken-Dog! Not a frog.

Barney loves his treats!

He'll even go swiming for them!

Norwood is always ready with a pose.

Alex is a devil for food, but his mother loves him like an angel!

Anna that pumpkin is plastic. Try a carrot instead!
Shevi is known for his style and his smile!

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